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Chankura offers a wide variety of tokens that are issued on Ethereum, EOS and Bitcoin

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Cryptocurrency Trading

Token trading
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Wallets Integrations

Send and receive 20+ cryptocurrencies

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Ethereum Platform

Decentralized Platform for Tokens and Smart Contracts

Our Core

What is CHK Coin?

CHK Coin is a platform for the future of funding that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It accelerates growth of start-up companies by offering tools and services that save both time and resources.

Token issuers  can use Chankura Exchange to bring exchange features into their platforms by integrating into the Chankura open APi. The first version of the Chankura allows customers to trade, send and through tokens listed on chankura through wallets

  • API integrations
  • Market making
  • Compliance/KYC 
  • Token listing
  • Trading of 20+ cryptocurrencies
  • Airdrops services

Protecting Investors' Interests

While we are helping start-ups to access the marketplace of cryptocurrency traders, we care about investors whose investments’ protection we wish to guarantee to the maximum extent. The voting system gives token issuer an opportunity to build trust with traders

If an investor is not content with the progress and the results of a given milestone, the dissatisfaction may be expressed after every milestone during the voting process. If the majority of the investors have voted “yes”, the escrow, enforced by a smart contract, will allow the use of the funds allocated for the next milestone.

Our Goal

We Bring together Cryptocurrency Marketplaces

The ultimate goal of CHK is to be the preferred within the Chankura exchange or marketpalce to reduce fees for our customers and also allow issuers to use CHK to pay listing on Chankura in exchange for their token

Chankura has already partnered with 15 token issuers that have raised successful ICOs. We build strong lasting relationships with token issuers and partner with them to create liquidity

We Apply great token economics into

Business models to bring the masses into the Blockchain

With the emergence of blockchain technology impacting the financial markets industry, traditional technology companies and most centralized organizations. Chankura will provides very and understandable easy to use trading platform for the common man


million USD — excepted daily trading volumes by end of 2018


billion potential customers in emerging markets


no borders for international payments


faster transaction

1 CHK token price

0.00001 BTC

ICO Participants



How it all Started

Bitccoin Exchange Launch International ICOs may need to consider US regulations to avoid falling foul of the SEC in the event of US persons acquiring tokens.
February 2017
ERC20 standard Integration We created an idea when developed City One Apps second Kickstarter project, it was launched a few years ago.
September 2017
Private Sale Launch Targeted marketing strategy. Reliable solution for your token sale and promotion.
EOS Airdrop Integration International ICOs may need to consider US regulations to avoid falling foul of the SEC in the event of US persons acquiring tokens.
June 2018
Meet Our Brilliant Minds

Our Motivated Team

Foundation of Our Success

Our Advisory Board

Token Sale

How to Buy Our Tokens

Start: July 30, 2018, Monday, 11:00 AM (GMT)
Hard cap: $5m
Soft cap: $20m
Token: CHK
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 10000 CHK
Project protocol: ERC20

Payment Methods

CHK Token Contract Address

Deposit form in the Tokensale platform.

Token Structure

How to Buy Our Tokens

Our clients – both corporate and private ones – will access all the services they need from a single platform. Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns.

  • 75% Distributed to Community
  • 13% Reserved Funding
  • 9% Founders and Team
  • 2% Advisors
  • 1% "Bounty" campaign